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Introducing Lay's Ketchup Chips, a beloved Canadian classic that delivers the perfect blend of tangy tomato flavor and crispy potato goodness! Each bite is a burst of savory ketchup taste paired with the satisfying crunch of Lay's signature potato chips.

Made with carefully selected Canadian potatoes, Lay's Ketchup Chips are thinly sliced and perfectly seasoned to create a snack that's loved by Canadians of all ages. Whether you're enjoying a movie night at home, packing a lunch for work or school, or simply craving a tasty snack, Lay's Ketchup Chips are the perfect choice.

The 235g bag is ideal for sharing with friends and family during gatherings, picnics, or parties. You can also savor them on your own whenever the craving for that classic ketchup flavor strikes.

Each chip is a delicious blend of tangy, sweet, and savory, creating a flavor profile that's uniquely Lay's Ketchup. Dive into a bag of Lay's Ketchup Chips and experience the iconic taste that has become a Canadian favorite!

Get ready to enjoy the mouthwatering taste of Lay's Ketchup Chips – a snack that's sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you reaching for more! 🍅🥔 #LaysKetchupChips #CanadianClassic
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